HR Consulting Services


Hiring the right person and finding the right fit comes from knowing how to ask the right questions. By engaging Mary in your interview process, she will assist in developing critical behavioural-based/competency-based/situational-based questions required for each position. Clients often ask Mary to participate as a panelist when interviews are conducted. Her exceptional intuition and extensive experience help generate the right questions at the right time and ensure that interviewers fairly and objectively measure the quality of an applicant’s response. With Mary on their side, organizations can feel confident they will choose the right person for the job.

Performance Management

Mary finds that “regardless of whether I ask a manager or an employee about their experience with the annual review, it is often referred to as ‘dreaded’, ‘subjective’, ‘useless’, and ‘demotivating’ – especially when the employee keeps getting the same overall rating as the previous year.” Mary helps organizations create and revise their performance review process and appraisal forms so that they accurately reflect and align with organizational goals and objectives. In addition, Mary ensures that the review captures the required competencies and associated key performance indicators essential to achieving and measuring success.

Facilitating Conflict

Conflict among team members is not uncommon, and for the most part can be resolved between the parties involved. However, in situations where resolution attempts have failed and conflict is escalating, Mary will use her facilitative approach to quickly get to the root of the issue. She zeroes in on behaviours and actions that are contributing to the conflict, while skillfully balancing individuals’ self esteem with personal accountability. Mary provides perspective and enlists the use of critical promised action plans to encourage collaboration and cooperation.


Mary’s extensive experience helping thousands of displaced workers seek out new employment opportunities can provide those affected by any type of organizational change with the necessary tools (i.e. self-assessments, researching, information interviewing, resume-building, networking, interview skills) to conduct an effective and successful job search.